And who posted Toyota’s secrets on the Internet.

Toyota Motor Corp. has subpoenaed a former translator-turned-whistleblower, hoping to discover how she secured access to hundreds of confidential documents that she posted on an online blog, including information relating to computer code it considers its “crown jewels.”

The translator, a former subcontractor named Betsy Benjaminson, is a self-proclaimed whistleblower, providing internal Toyota documents to news organizations including CNN and Corporate Counsel, an affiliate of The National Law Journal, involving alleged defects that caused Toyota’s cars and trucks to suddenly accelerate out of control.

Benjaminson, who was forced to flee her home in Sderot, Israel, to avoid Hamas rocket attacks this month, confirmed she had received the subpoena via email on June 28. “I’m retaining counsel and will defend myself from the subpoena,” she said.

Toyota, which recalled more than 10 million models for the faulty accelerator pedals and floor mats it blamed for the problems, has paid billions of dollars to resolve hundreds of consumer lawsuits, regulatory fines and a criminal investigation. It also is attempting to settle lawsuits brought on behalf of people injured or killed due to sudden acceleration, many of whom blame the accidents on glitches in Toyota’s electronic throttle control systems. Toyota has rejected those assertions. More.

See: The National Law Journal

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